27.06.2023: HEInnovate – Second Education and Innovation Summit “Nurturing Europe’s talents, shaping the future”

The  Second Education and Innovation Summit “Nurturing Europe’s talents, shaping the future”  will be held on 27 June 2023. The hybrid event – held online and in Brussels – will bring together key players working in education and innovation to share best practices, discuss challenges and progress towards objectives in the European Strategy for Universities and the new European innovation Agenda, as well as inspire further actions to be taken!

At this occasion, the updated HEInnovate self-assessment tool will be launched after having undergone a revision, featuring enhanced statements, input papers discussing the relevance of all eight key areas (or dimensions), a description of the European policy context related to entrepreneurship and innovation in higher education as well as a selection of possible actions to take once your self-assessment has been completed. The revision took into account the current policy developments in higher education, such as the European Strategy for Universities.

Registrations are still open, and as it is a hybrid event you can choose to attend in person or virtually:

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ONLINE registration

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