17.2.2022: BeyondScale webinar: Do we need a digital boost?

FH Campus Wien invites to a webinar within the Erasmus+ project BeyondScale on 17th February 2022, 14.45-16.00 CET /via Zoom.


Digitalization approached the higher education world like a wave in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. A digital environment seems to be state of the art in higher education institutions in 2022. However, do HEIs simply react to external influences or are they proactive players in their environment? What will happen after the current crisis? Do we need a further digital boost? In this webinar, FH Campus Wien looks closer into these questions and explores the following perspectives:

Susanna Boldrino will introduce the concept of transformation and the difference between reacting to challenges and implementing planned actions. To dive deeper into the topic of transformation, Vice Rector Prof. Arthur Mettinger will discuss with Prof. Daniel Baumann from our partner university ZHAW in Switzerland what digital transformation can mean for a higher education institution. Then, Martin Setnicka and Sandra Dohr will showcase a new initiative to evaluate the maturity of a curriculum in terms of digitalization. They will discuss how such a model could be a reference point for curriculum development and how it could be used to identify critical areas.
Finally, Peter Stepanek and Susanna Boldrino will present a good practice example of the integration of digitalization in an existing curriculum. This example further shows how digitalization can be an integral part to a study area, which does not seem very digital at first glance.